Soft Skill Training

Most managers and recruiters have complained the lack of soft skills in the work forces, the majority do not meet work requirements even if they have very good qualifications.

It is said that 80% issues lay in the soft skills rather than “hard skills” (knowledge, technical skills). Many young people are not well aware of the importance and necessity of soft skills.

Research shows that successful people, only 25% is due to the expertise of 75% is due to soft skills maturity.

LBN focused on providing the most important soft skills for any young people, businessmen and enterprises:

– Effective communication skills (Communication Skills)
– Successful Leadership (Leadership Skills)
– Skills building and teamwork (team building)
– Successful negotiation skills (Negotiation Skills)
– Confident presentation skills ahead of the crowd (Public Speaking)

Personal Branding Program

Personal brand is not simply a appearance image. Our appearance is important, but not the first thing people want to build.
What really make the brand appeal locates in attitude – knowledge – skills – and body language. Personal Branding Success requires an individual to work closely with branding experts to achieve the harmonious balance in both appearance and inner knowledge. Via the Personal Branding program of GLBN, you will understand more about yourself, develop your skills, understand personal brand value and know how to apply strategies promote yourselves.
The program includes skills training:

– Positioning

– Style

– Healthy Diet

– Communication skills

– Emotion Management

– Appearance Improvement

– Fitness

– Public Speaking

Start Up Coaching

With the ambition to build and develop “entrepreneurship ecosystem” in Vietnam, GLBN will support startups and develop Vietnam into a more quality destination for investors around around the world.

What GLBN can help start-ups:

– Establishing a specific business model for startups
– Develop strategic PR, Marketing for startups
– Helps start-up finishing their A Team
– Training of skills for a Start-up and provide mentor (mentor) for startup
– Become a partner to invest in the startup or connect start-ups with venture capitals from both the international and domestic
– Facilitate the start-up pitch at international conferences (Global Forum) and exchanges with international like-minded start-ups..

Event Organizer

Leveraging the GLBN connection with rich networks of speakers , international organizations , GLBN will organize many activities of large-scale events monthly , quarterly with diverse topics :

– VIP Exhibition
– Entertainment event
– Business Conferences
– Sport events


Please refer to additional information in the types of services provided by GLBN.