About Us


About Us

Vietnam is a vibrant and emerging market. We’ve adapted to this growing economy by equipping ourselves with the plethora of skills that enable success.

A typical training company may simply provide you with skills and knowledge, but a club, like ours, will give you the opportunity to exchange ideas and meet like-minded people. This is a group that can offer you the best of both worlds.

LOGO11Global Lifestyle and Business Network was born as a bold start-up idea; a place where businesses and individuals with passion and a hunger to learn, can develop fundamental, dynamic skills and receive many other benefits along the way.

You will

  • Exchange and learn directly from the TOP speakers, trainers , entrepreneurs, and business leaders, both local and International (Top Speaker Network)
  • Access new knowledge in many fields of business (Business Knowledge)
  • Cultivate and develop the necessary soft skills to help you be more successful in work and life (Soft Skill Training)
  • Learn how to build a personal brand that makes you stand out from the crowd (Personal Branding)
  • Develop your personal network of business relations (Networking)
  • Have a mentor advise you in your Startup (Start Up Coaching)… And so much more.

Please refer to additional information in the types of services provided by GLBN.